• Over 8,500 square feet
  • 100% Climate Controlled
  • 6 Baseball/Softball Tunnels
  • 2 different types of pitching machines
  • Jugs Sting-Free balls or Leather balls
  • 70’ Pitching/Catching Tunnels w/ mounds & screens
  • Soft Toss /Drill Stations
  • Retractable Nets
  • Conference room for teams/league boards/trainers

Ultimate Trainer 3000 Pitching Machines

Each station of the Ultimate Trainer 3000 offers up to four speeds of baseball and four speeds of softball for you to choose from. With eight different types of pitches in each station, every cage is available to all hitters (little league to college level). Hitters can customize the speed and pitch height to get what they want where they want it.

Hack Attack Baseball & Softball Pitching Machines

With a quick turn of the dials you can effortlessly throw major league fastballs, and right and left handed breaking pitches including curveballs, sliders and split fingers for baseball and fastballs, risers, drops, right- and left-handed screwballs up and into the hitters for softball. The elevation adjustment handle will raise or lower the pitch. With a simple turn, you can even move the pitch up or down within the strike zone between pitches.

MVP Zone is Your DeMarini Demo House

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